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As your resource for financial security planning, I will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan which is designed to offer you a high degree of confidence in its success.  I will add value by working with you through our unique planning process, implementation of your plan and regular client follow up and meetings.

Chris Ball begins by asking clients important questions and gaining a true understanding of their hopes, goals, dreams and aspirations.  Once the personal planning analysis is complete, Chris Ball formulates a personalized plan for their consideration.  His clients receive not only financial solutions directed toward securing their futue, but also the confidence that comes from working with a professional to help keep the journey on track as life unfolds with its trials and surprises.

Planning for Finanicial Security with Northwestern Mutual

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Retirement Planning

Northwestern Mutual is forging ahead with a new state-of-the-art process for retirement planning. Northwestern Mutual's innovative and patent pending Retirement Allocation Module Planning Tool can help you to plan towards optimizing your income and managing your risk throughout your life.

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Do you know the six major risks of retirement planning? Do you know what the impact of a long-term care event can have on your financial security in retirement?

Often financial effects of long-term care expenses resulting from an accident, a chronic illness or a cognitive impairment are overlooked. Learn more about the impact of a long-term care event and its effects on your retirement.  

Ask yourself these key questions as a starting point to creating or fine-tuning your retirement plan.


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Business Planning

Planning for and managing succession is critical to the perpetuation of a buisness; be it through transfer, sale or merger. Having a plan, as well as the means of funding the plan, are the keys to successful transfer or exit strategy. Ongoing review and updating the plan ensures that the security of the buisness stays intact until succession takes place.

There are numerous methods of transferring ownership. Our associates will work with your legal and accounting team to help you evaluate, develop and fund a succession plan that's appropriate for your buisness.

Finally, as a member of your group of advisors, Chris Ball and his team can help create a stategy that allows you to pass your buisness to those individuals you choose in the most cost effective way. 

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Christopher M Ball, CLU®, ChFC®

Wealth Management Advisor

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